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Together, we respond

Across PSI’s sexual and reproductive health (SRH) programs, we’ve learned that the best solutions for her are derived with her. But when she doesn’t have a say in her health and life choices, weby extensionlack the insights to address the barriers standing in her way. 

Her voice needs to lead the work. 

When she leads by telling us what she wants, together, we—consumers, government and the global health community—can deliver services that meet her needs, her way. Beginning in Feb. 2021 at the Not Without FP Virtual Forum through the International Conference on Family Planning (ICFP) in Nov. 2021, we’re exploring what it takes to make space for her to take the lead – and how we can work together to support her to take charge of her life and get closer to universal health coverage.

Explore what we’re up to below. Then, join us in dialogue using the hashtag #SheLeads. 

Hear from
Oluwaseun Taylor
SFH Nigeria's Young Designer

Hear from
Jennifer Pope


Responding to her needs
her way

Her insights shape PSI’s approach to business. Explore the progress we can collectively make when we make space for her to lead.


She leads by telling us that she feels judged by her provider at her local clinic. 

Together, we respond by working with providers to create an enabling, judgement-free environment centered on her–building trust so that she feels the health system is there for her.


She leads by telling us that she wants a stigma-free, confidential experience in accessing care.

Together, we respond by working to shift policy and practices so that she can access self-care options — shifting the power of contraceptive choice into her hands.



She leads by telling us that amidst COVID-19, clinics no longer feel like safe spaces for in-person services. 

Together, we respond by channeling innovations to bring sexual and reproductive health information, counseling and products closer and, when appropriate, to her front door.



  • Overview: The panel highlights innovative advocacy responses and adaptations to ensure family planning continuity during the pandemic. It will also offer lessons learned from these interventions that can be replicated and scaled up in the immediate future and beyond.
  • Time: 9:40 – 11:00 AM ET
  • PSI partner presence: Ida Ndione, Member, Self-Care Trailblazers Group, and Senior Program Manager, PATH
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  • Overview: This session will highlight powerful examples of private sector partners making a difference alongside governments, donors and NGOs working toward Universal Health Coverage that includes family planning. 
  • Time: 9:40 -11:00 AM ET
  • PSI presence: Fred Gyaviira Kyaka, East Africa Social Enterprise Lead, PSI; and Alexandrina Nakanwagi, Project Lead for Delivering Innovation in Self Care (DISC), PSI Uganda 
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  • Overview: A roundtable discussion on self-care.
  • Time: 9:40 – 11:00 AM EST
  • PSI Presence: Dr. Lillian Sekabembe, Deputy Country Representative, PSI Uganda
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  • Overview: This session will highlight experiences of the IBP Network in building a sustainable and resilient partnership that brings diverse global voices in a neutral platform to support access, implementation and sharing of evidence-based guidelines and programmatic interventions in SRH by inspiring collaboration and knowledge sharing. 
  • Time: 11:10 am – 12:30 pm EST
  • PSI Presence: Matthew Wilson, A360 Project Director
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Listen to her.

“I feel self-injectables relieve stress...the pill is every day and you might forget...Self-injection is more convenient,” 21-year-old Winifred said. She's one of 10 women lending her voice to create awareness around the power of self-care.

Apply her insights.

How have her insights transformed our approach to youth contraceptive programming? Our technical briefs from A360, our flagship girl-centered contraceptive program, offer applicable learnings for consideration in similar adolescent SRH programming.

Watch her lead.

In the next 50 years, PSI is committed to getting quality healthcare into the hands of every woman, man and child who needs it. Learn how we'll get there, together.
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