Counseling for Choice (C4C): The Choice Book for Providers


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Counseling for Choice (C4C) is an evidence-based approach to contraceptive counseling aimed at supporting clients to make the best choice about which method is right for them. C4C was developed as a solution to address many of the root causes of unmet need for contraception and discontinuation among users who still wish to prevent pregnancy. C4C aims to change how providers and clients participate in voluntary family planning (FP) counseling discussions – ensuring that clients can use their voice, choice and agency to make the contraceptive choices that meet their needs. The approach comprises a thorough training in C4C techniques and the use of the Choice Book for Providers, a job aid and visual tool providers use with clients during counseling sessions. The C4C Choice Books have been translated into English, French, Spanish and Portuguese. They are available for downloading on the C4C website. Also included are training materials in English and a sample training agenda to illustrate a training of trainers curriculum for the C4C approach.


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