Expanding Effective Contraceptive Options: Lessons Learned from the Woman’s Condom Introduction in Zambia and Malawi


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Expanding Effective Contraceptive Options (EECO) is a USAID-funded project that supports the introduction of new contraceptive and dual protection methods to provide women with more choices to prevent unintended pregnancy and STIs such as HIV. One of these products is the Woman’s Condom, which was designed by PATH to address women’s concerns with the previous generation of female condoms.

Through EECO, WCG Cares and Population Services International launched the Woman’s Condom in Malawi and Zambia in mid-2014. EECO product introduction takes place in five stages:

  • Regulatory Assessment & Product Registration
  • Consumer & Market Research
  • Procurement & Quality Assurance
  • Marketing, Distribution & Service Delivery
  • Monitoring & Learning

This case study focuses on the lessons learned throughout each stage of the Woman’s Condom introduction in Malawi and Zambia from 2014-2018.


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