Human-Centered Sanitation Design: Lessons Learned From Consumers and Markets in Niger


Human-centered design (HCD) and the construction of market segments stimulate public and private sanitation investment and best meet the needs of consumers. The three learning briefs above and videos below reflect the work of an applied research project aimed to support the BHA-funded Resilience Food Security Activities in Niger and develop a comprehensive market development strategy focused on improving latrines and handwashing-related products in Niger’s Maradi and Zinder regions.

How to Use Human-Centered Design for Sanitation Products
This resource provides guidance on the skills, steps, and items needed to conduct a rapid human-centered design (HCD) process for improved toilet products in rural areas. Using the HCD approach to develop product options allows the ideas and feedback from the people who need improved sanitation solutions to be heard and implemented directly, best ensuring that final products will meet both the needs and preferences of potential customers.

Video available in French HERE.

How to Assess the Size of a Sanitation Market and Segment It
Any market-based intervention must be based on a good understanding of the size and characteristics of the potential market in the target areas. This resource explains how to group potential customers into submarkets, called “segments” to stimulate public and private investment and contribute to the sustainable economic viability of the sanitation market.

Video available in French HERE.

How to Strengthen Market-Based Sanitation Strategies Using a Geographic Information System
This resource presents the main ideas behind a basic approach to using a geographic information system (GIS) to establish geographic segmentation as part of a market-based sanitation (MBS) strategy. Use of a GIS assumes that the most densely populated, most accessible zones are characterized by a more dynamic economy, making them easier to tap into to develop a sanitation market that is currently nonexistent or, at best, barely exists.

Video available in French HERE.


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