Identify Intervention Objectives and Set Metrics


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NOTE: This activity assumes that you have set a future vision and Strategic Priorities for the key constraints/opportunities in the market around a particular health need.

The second step of the Decide phase of the Keystone Design Framework is identifying potential intervention objectives in your market. An intervention objective is a statement of the actions that you might take to address the strategic priorities and resolve the constraints. It narrows the focus from a broad strategic priority and begins to define specific activities. You might ask ‘WHO needs to do WHAT and HOW will we get them to do it?”

Aligning intervention objectives to strategic priorities ensures that your team will focus on big picture objectives that address the root causes of failing markets. Try to be as specific as possible, to help guide the next phase of designing solutions, pulling from all that you learned in the Diagnose phase.

Once you have developed a full list of potential interventions, you should choose which ones PSI will pursue. Which of your intervention objectives align with the objectives of your donors and the objectives of your platform/enterprises’ goals and skillsets? For the intervention objectives that don’t make the cut, identify how you might crowd in other players to take on those activities.

Finally, you will start to think about metrics for how the team will judge the implementation of a particular intervention. This will create a clear, measurable definition of success as you design and deliver solutions.


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