Ignite 2018 Annual Report


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2018 has been a year of sustained growth for Ignite. In the third quarter, we reached the 100,000th new contraceptive user generated by the project since its inception, largerly thanks to the school program in Mozambique implemented in 60 schools in three different provinces. Cote d’Ivoire has ramped up activities after the official launch of the program in late 2017 and is also focusing outreach and service delivery in schools, complemented by a popular Facebook page. Despite repeated unrest and a socio-political crisis that have slowed down activities in Haiti in 2018, the program has kept innovating with the setup of the interactive voice recording system, the redesign of the ‘Djanm’ Facebook page. Triggerise has kept refining its ecosystems in India and Kenya, adapting rewards and systems to local contexts. The mid-term review conducted in 2018 helped gain insights into how to improve the project, such as fostering greater involvement of parents and involvement of young people in the program, and reviewing the Triggerise theory of change.


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