Ignite and PSI Mozambique’s TEM+ Escolas: Bringing Contraceptive Counseling and Product Delivery to Schools


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The ignite project is funded through a strategic project between PSI and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights. It sparks change at every level of the market so that young women and adolescent girls can easily access contraception, post-abortion care and legal safe abortion services. By co-designing different components of demand creation with youth, ignite motivates adolescent girls and young women to see information and obtain health services from its network of service delivery points. In Mozambique, PSI’s network of Tem+ clinics are delivering contraceptive counseling and products directly to schools, challenging negative attitudes towards youth access to SRH services while simultaneously creating a positive enabling environment at the service delivery level. Schools are creating safe spaces to access information, products, or counseling and referrals to services from a network of trained nurses and community health promoters.


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