Map the Consumer Journey


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Note: PSI wishes to acknowledge the inspiration for certain principles described in this activity guide from the following resources: The Field Guide to Human-Centered Design by; design thinking bootleg by at Stanford University; the Introduction to Human-Centered Design online course taught by through +Acumen, a program of the Acumen Fund, Inc.; and PSI Board Member and Maverick Collective Founding Member, Pam Scott.

This activity guide assumes that you have already identified a target consumer population for your program. This target consumer will likely be defined by factors such as age, gender, wealth quintiles, risk behavior, and geography.

At this step in the framework, we are trying to build a clearer picture of our target consumer, what their current behavior is and the motivators, barriers and influences on their journey towards the desired behavior. Throughout this analysis, we want to understand the target consumer’s interactions with both their socio-ecological circle and the market.



01 #PeoplePowered

02 Breaking Taboos

03 Moving Care Closer to Consumers

04 Innovating on Investments

Let's Talk About Sex