Key Market Functions Analysis


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Note: This activity guide assumes that you have already defined a health need, assessed market performance, profiled your target consumer and mapped the value chain.

Thus far you have conducted several analyses on the market around a given health need. Specifically, you have:

  • Identified the target audience to identify the population segments with the largest gap between use and need,
  • Assessed market performance to see how well (or poorly) health needs are being met across sectors, channels, product/service categories and geographic areas,
  • Profiled your target consumer to get a clearer picture of how they see the market, their journey, influencers and barriers,
  • Mapped value chains to identify the actors involved (or who could potentially get involved) in addressing the health need for your target consumers.

The next step will build from this work to capture the perspective of players in the market to build an understanding of their capacities and incentives to serve the target consumer. This will help you build the evidence base to allow you to understand why the market is failing the target consumer.


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03 Moving Care Closer to Consumers

04 Innovating on Investments

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