Project Savera: Awakening awareness among toilet skeptics


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The project was implemented in the province of Andhra Pradesh in India. The government has successfully constructed toilets in the rural households under the National Flagship Program Swachh Bharat Mission however, the toilet usage was significantly low. The major defaulters were the men in the families primarily due to their belief that the toilets are meant for women and children for their safety and security and secondly, using toilets does not match with the masculine image that the males carry. Project Savera funded by Unilever and implemented with the state government designed a male focussed behavior change communication model with a proper blending of mid media and interpersonal communication with an intense monitoring system that resulted into a significant change in toilet use from 26% to 54% of families where all the family members were using the toilet consistently. The model was also scaled up by the government in another 1400 villages.