Securing Third-Party Financing Through Accreditation-Level Quality


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Lessons Learned From Implementation Of SafeCare in Uganda
Under USAID’s Support for International Family Planning and Health Organizations 2 (SIFPO2) project, Population Services International (PSI) and PharmAccess Foundation (PharmAccess) sought to test how to financially sustain high quality, equitable health outcomes through social franchises. The social franchise networks that were the focus of this work were predominantly donor-supported and “fractionally-franchised” family planning (FP) services. Under this activity, SIFPO2 introduced PharmAccess’s SafeCare QI model into a subset of private sector clinics within PSI Uganda’s ProFam social franchise network. SafeCare’s aim is to catalyze broad, continuous health care improvement by creating transparency around performance and by making quality data actionable for purchasers, providers and patients. This brief captures learning from the implementation of the SafeCare approach to quality improvement (QI) within the Ugandan context under SIFPO2 from 2016 to 2019. It discusses: Participation and performance of providers in the SafeCare program; Experiences and perceptions of SIFPO2 partners and the MoH; Market and government engagement in the SafeCare program.