Triggerise 2017 Annual Report


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The ignite project is funded through a strategic project between PSI and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the field of sexual and reproductive health and rights. It sparks change at every level of the market so that young women and adolescent girls can easily access contraception and safe abortion services. By co-designing different components of demand creation with youth, ignite motivates adolescent girls and young women to see information and obtain health services from its network of service delivery points. Through PSI’s unique partnership with Triggerise, the project is employing an ecosystem development approach alongside PSI’s market development approach to respond adolescents’ needs and shape markets. In India and Kenya, Triggerise works to develop Tikosystems, which are ecosystems to improve linkages between an adolescent girl and the different market actors by growing the networks of providers, businesses and micro-entrepreneurs connected in the ecosystem via mobile phones.


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02 Breaking Taboos

03 Moving Care Closer to Consumers

04 Innovating on Investments

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