Dr. Mosima


Head of Wellness

Discovery Vitality

Business leader, physician, feminist and change agent, Dr. Mosima Mabunda is the Head of Wellness at Discovery Vitality. She is responsible for developing innovative wellness programs to fulfill Discovery’s core purpose to make its members healthy, as well as driving thought leadership and the research agenda for the company.  

Before joining Discovery, Dr. Mabunda acquired extensive health industry experience, both in South Africa and the United Kingdom. Notable roles during her professional journey include; Assistant Product Development Director at Roche UK, Head of Wellness at Momentum Metropolitan Holdings, Management Consultant at McKinsey & Company and most recently, Associate Director in Accenture’s Health business. 

Contributing to the discourse and progress at the intersection of business and health is a passion for her. To that end, Dr. Mabunda sits on the boards of the Student Sponsorship Programme (SSP) and Indlela, an organisation focusing on the optimal use of behavioral insights to improve health outcomes. 

Dr. Mabunda holds an MBA from the University of Oxford, an MBChB from the University of Cape Town, and recently red for a course in Behavioral Science and Complex Interventions in Health with Oxford University.


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