Managing Executive

PSI South Africa

Guata Mavundla has over 20 years of proven experience at top multinational companies within the South African healthcare and pharmaceutical industrie, including MSD Pharma, Bristol Myers Squibb Pharmaceuticals, Sanofi, Sandoz and Abbott Pharmaceutical.  His experience spans across multiple organizational functions, including as a director, in general management, sales, marketing, commercial operations and leading support functions. Mr. Mavundla has worked closely with stakeholders in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industries, including policymakers, government leadership, medical insurers, the South African National Treasury and various healthcare providers within South Africa as well as anglophone and lusophone southern Africa.

Mr. Mavundla has also worked outside of the corporate health sector as a consultant for Cizani Holdings. During this time, he provided general consultation services for private healthcare entities that are seeking to establish or expan their geographic footprint on the African continent.

Mr. Mavundla’s areas of expertise include general management, sales, marketing, strategic planning and execution, communication and facilitation, financial management, leading through change, leading cross-functional teams, and engagement with healthcare legislature.


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