Dr. Tariro


CEO and Founder

Charles River Medical Group, LLC

Dr. Tariro Makadzange is a Physician-Scientist and Medical Entrepreneur. She earned a BA at Smith College, an MD at Harvard Medical School and a Ph.D. (DPhil) at Oxford University. She trained in Internal Medicine at the University of Washington and completed a fellowship in Infectious Diseases at Massachusetts General Hospital where she later joined the faculty.

Her research has focused on HIV immunology, clinical trials and implementation science. She has been engaged in training and mentoring HIV clinicians and researchers and co-established one of the largest HIV treatment programs in Zimbabwe. She worked in the pharmaceutical industry leading a therapeutic HIV vaccine research program, most recently as Senior Director in Biology at Gilead Sciences.

She is focused on diversifying clinical trials research and supporting the development of therapeutics that enable improvement of health care outcomes for Africans globally. She recently founded Charles River Medical Group, a Contract research organization in Zimbabwe. 


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