Securing Postpartum and Post-Abortion Care for Women During COVID-19

The USAID-funded Knowledge Success platform recently interviewed PSI’s Global Medical Director Dr. Eva Lathrop alongside several other Sexual and Reproductive Health experts following an article they wrote on adaptations for the field during COVID-19. Find the article below.  

Excerpted from  

Preserving family planning as an essential service amid the COVID-19 pandemic has been the clarion call for global actors in the family planning and reproductive health field. How do we also ensure that women seeking postpartum or postabortion care don’t fall in the gaps?”

A Global Health: Science and Practice article highlights both the challenges in balancing the prevention measures and risks of infection with opportunities to create innovative ways to meet postpartum and postabortion care for women, including postpartum family planning. We talked with the article authors Anne Pfitzer, Eva Lathrop, and Saumya RamaRao to understand how providing voluntary family planning and reproductive health care can be adapted. This interview has been edited for brevity and clarity. 

For the interview, head to Knowledge Success’ original post here

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