To Achieve UHC, Focus on these Three Priorities  

By Susan Laurie, Sr. Associate, Communications, PSI

Achieving Universal Health Coverage (UHC) by 2030 is a unifying mission and a serious call to action. What is really holding us back, which individuals and groups are making calculable progress and how must initiatives targeting governments, providers and consumers intersect? Former General Manager of Healthcare at CLEAR (“YOU”, NYSE) and PSI Board Member Marisa Bass has a background in healthcare management and extensive experience in healthcare business development, finance and strategy – with a special interest in consumer experiences. In an interview with PSI, Marisa offers the three priorities that the public health community must focus on to stay on track to achieving UHC by 2030. Plus, she shares what drew her to the PSI mission and how her work with Maverick Collective by PSI – PSI’s philanthropic arm – aligns with those goals. 

Challenges to Achieving UHC

What long-term investments are necessary and how should cross-cutting interventions align to improve and sustain access to healthcare? 

Learn more about PSI’s investments in self-care practices to achieve UHC.  

Personal Commitment

How does experience in the business and financial side of healthcare give you a unique perspective on PSI’s consumer-powered approach? 

Learn more about PSI’s commitment to making UHC a reality

Maverick Next 

What is unique about PSI’s Maverick Next program, and how do flexible investments inspire curiosity, innovation, and the ability to apply what works to larger projects at scale? 

Learn more about Maverick Next

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