Making Your Health Services Youth-Friendly: A Guide for Program Planners and Implementers


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The guide provides an overview of the global need for youth-friendly service provision and key recommendations for developing/strengthening sexual and reproductive health (SRH) services so that providers are better able to engage and retain young people in care. All of the information found in the guide comes from evidence-based best practices in the field of adolescent and young adult sexual and reproductive health. The guide will help you assess your services, identify gaps, and develop action plans using tools that have been adapted from existing best practices. It also provides three youth-friendly services checklists, adapted from existing tools that have been deemed best practices. The checklists can help you evaluate a service at the service delivery site, assess the client-provider relationship and measure client satisfaction through talking to youth. Additional resources and links are provided at the back of the guide.

This guide is for anyone involved in the provision of SRH services – health care providers, service administrators, program planners, researchers and implementers.


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