Private Sector Fever Case Management Quality Assurance Manual and Toolkit


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In malaria endemic countries, approximately 40% of the population seeks care and treatment for febrile illnesses in the private sector. Successful malaria control, therefore, greatly depends on effective diagnosis and treatment within private sector outlets. But how can we ensure providers are giving the best quality of care and provide ongoing support for improvement in the private sector?

As a part of the UNITAID-funded Private Sector RDT project, PSI developed a Quality Assurance Manual and Toolkit to provide guidance on quality assurance for fever case management in the private sector.

The Manual and associated tools help practitioners:

  • Ensure that providers conduct fever case management according to quality standards,
  • Identify existing gaps in service provision at provider level with RDTs, and
  • Ensure that feedback is correctly provided through provider behavior change communications

Tools found within the Manual include: