Head of Strategic Partnerships

PSI Global

Malcolm Quigley began his career at the European Commission President’s office in Brussels, Belgium and subsequently moved on to the private sector where he worked on communications strategies for a large multi-national telecommunications company operating in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Following the completion of his MBA, he volunteered with VSO in Bosnia and Herzegovina where he worked with a local refugee return organization on their sustainability strategy. In 2004, he returned to Ireland where he established VSO in Ireland and over the subsequent years facilitated over 400 highly skilled Irish expert volunteers to work with local partners in Africa and Asia on capacity building programs. Malcolm has worked on development projects in Southern and Eastern Africa, Southeast Asia, post-Tsunami response in Sri Lanka and the Maldives, peace programs in Sri Lanka and the Philippines. Prior to joining PSI he acted as Country Director for VSO in Mozambique, overseeing a large women’s economic development program and a girl’s school program.

At PSI, Malcolm leads Strategic Partnerships and works to develop shared value relationships with corporate and foundation partners.


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