Karl Hofmann

President & CEO PSI Global

Brandon Guzzone

Chief Human Resources Officer PSI Global

Kim Schwartz

Senior Vice President, Chief Financial Officer PSI Global

Mark Adams

Director, Institutions and Foundations Fundraising PSI Global

Joseph Addo-Yobo

Executive Director Total Family Health Organisation, Ghana (Independent Network Member of PSI)

Wendy Alba

Executive Director SFH Dominican Republic

Dr. Dorothy Balaba

Country Representative PSI Ethiopia

Marie Fedra Baptiste

Country Representative PSI Côte d’Ivoire

Rose Barnes-Covenant

Country Representative PSI Niger

Susy Barrios de Fernández

Regional Representative, Latin America and Caribbean PSI Global

Natacha Bobin

Country Representative OHMaSS, Haiti

Dr. Fatima Bunza

Chief of Party PSI Nigeria

Katie Burnett

General Counsel PSI Global

Socheat Chi

Country Director PSI Cambodia

Farai Chieza

Regional Representative, East and Southern Africa PSI Kenya

Michael Chommie

Country Representative PSI Myanmar

Jamie Ciesla

Head of Program Management, Latin America and Caribbean, Asia and Global Fund PSI Global

Karen Conley

Director, Grants & Contracts PSI Global

Marcie Cook

Vice President, Social Enterprise PSI Global

Daniel Crapper

Country Representative PSI Madagascar

Martin Dale

Director, Digital Health & Monitoring PSI Global

Rajiv Dua

Country Representative PSI Liberia

Adama Diop Faye

Executive Director ADEMAS, Senegal (Independent Network Member of PSI)

Andrea Fearneyhough

Director, Safe Abortion Programming PSI Global

Anya Fedorova

Country Representative PSI Angola

Elizabeth Folsom

Director of Global Internal Audit PSI Global

Stephanie Gallagher

Regional Representative, West and Central Africa PSI Global

Donato Gulino

Country Representative PSI Mozambique

Nina Hasen

Vice President, HIV and Tuberculosis PSI Global

Ibrahim Ahmed Hassan

Country Representative PSI Somalia/Somaliland

Thomas How

Country Representative PSI Nepal

Catalina Jermann

Head of Program Management, Africa PSI Global

Tarryn Haslam

Director, Malaria PSI Global

Cary Alan Johnson

Country Representative PSI Burundi

Kwabena Larbi

Country Representative PSI Sierra Leone

Dr. Eva Lathrop

Global Medical Director PSI Global

Amy LaTrielle

Vice President, Global Operations (Asia, Latin America, Global Fund) and Operational Excellence PSI Global

Marusya Lazo

Vice President of Finance PSI Global

Ayesha Leghari

Country Director PSI Pakistan

Staci Leuschner

Senior Country Representative and Chief of Party PSI Zimbabwe

Moira Lindsay

Executive Director PSI Caribbean

Carmen Elena Suárez Lobos

Country Director PASMO El Salvador

Dr. Albert Machinda

Country Representative PSI Lesotho

Sonia Marchewka

Country Representative and General Manager PSI Paraguay

Seth McGovern

Head of Market Dynamics and Analytics PSI Global

Pritpal Marjara

Country Representative PSI India

Shannon McVey

Acting Country Director PSI Papua New Guinea

Daniel Messer

Vice President, Technology Integration and Chief Information Officer PSI Global

Bongo Mgeni

Country Representative PSI Tanzania

Pierre Moon

Director, Sexual and Reproductive Health PSI Global

Elise Deeqa Mugabo

Head of Operational Excellence PSI Global

Jephta Mtema

Country Representative PSI Malawi

Susan Mukasa

Vice President, Global Operations Africa PSI Global

Phellister Nakamya

Executive Director PACE Uganda

Hoa Nguyen

Country Director, Vietnam PSI Vietnam

Emery Nkurunziza

Country Representative ABMS, Benin (Independent Network Member of PSI)

Godlove Ntaw

Country Representative ACMS, Cameroon (Independent Network Member of PSI)

Nelson Ojanji

Country Representative PSI South Sudan

Ricki Orford

Vice President, Malaria & Senior Project Director, Impact Malaria PSI Global

Lene Øverland

Country Representative SFH South Africa

Jennifer Pope

Vice President, Sexual & Reproductive Health PSI Global

Julia Roberts

Vice President, Global Fundraising PSI, Global

Eric Seastedt

Regional Representative, Asia PSI Global

Karen Sommer Shalett

Director, External Communications PSI Global

Gina Smith

Acting Country Representative SFH Zambia (Independent Network Member of PSI)

Paul Stannard

Director, Procurement and Logistics PSI Global

Dr. Endale Tilahun

Country Representative PSI Eswatini

Ellen Tipper

Vice President, Strategy and Insights PSI Global

Curt von Boguslawski

Country Representative PSI Mali

Viengsamay Vongkhamsao

Country Director PSI Laos