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Tracking Our Impact

We have an uncompromising focus on measurable health impact and we measure our effect on disease and death much like a for-profit measures its profits.

Our fundamental measures of health impact are the disability-adjusted life year (DALY) averted and couple years of protection (CYP) provided. When we avert one DALY, it means that we have prevented the loss of one year of productive, healthy life. When we provide one CYP, it means that we have provided one year of protection against unintended pregnancy.

We invite you to browse the tools we use to track our impact.


Our proprietary Impact Calculator estimates and compares the potential impact of the health products and services provided by us around the world.


We use Monthly Impact Reports and Mid Year/Year-End Dashboards to report and share progress in outputs, products distributed and services provided, and impact. In these reports and dashboards, we present our health impact by region, country, and product or service.


Our analysts calculate our progress against the strategic plan and use modeled impact to inform business decisions. 


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