Data for All

PSI believes that sharing experiences can improve the quality of health services everywhere.

PSI brings expertise in data practices to our role in strengthening national health programs by collaborating with partners to scale-up DHIS2, a management health information system. Implementing this data system in more than half of our 50 network countries has now positioned us to work directly with several national ministries of health to achieve our collective goal: making better quality data available faster to government decision-makers.

The recent success of the DHIS2 integration with the USAID-funded “Health for All” project in Angola shows the importance of incorporating effective tools at the national level. Leonardo Europeo Inocêncio, Angola’s State Secretary of Health Ministry for Hospital Area, congratulated the project, which included malaria and reproductive health programs. “This [support to the Ministry of Health] will facilitate the documentation of activities and help supply reliable information for decision-making at the local, provincial and national levels,” he said. He also recognized the benefits of real-time data collection in DHIS2, where decision-makers can reallocate resources at a larger and more accurate scale. — Elisabeth Harris, Program Assistant, Global Business Systems and Megan Shea, Associate Program Manager, Global Business Systems, PSI

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