Aligning Contraception with Girls’ Life Goals in Northern Nigeria

This technical brief analyzes the strategy and lessons learned from PSI’s flagship adolescent contraceptive program Adolescents 360 (A360) – presenting a case study of Matasa Matan Arewa (MMA), A360’s project in northern Nigeria.

Implemented by SFH Nigeria, MMA works in partnership with A360 young leaders and across Nigeria’s public health facilities to support rural married girls aged 15-19 and their husbands to access contraception and plan for their lives. As the video below shows, we’ve reframed the contraceptive conversation by starting with girls’ priorities, supporting girls to take charge of their lives, and state governments to eliminate the gaps in adolescent contraceptive access – for good.

This publication offers considerations for ASRH programs and practitioners seeking meaningful partnership with adolescents to design and implement scalable, sustainable, community-based programming that aligns contraceptive use with their family and life goals.


  • How can adolescent contraceptive programs balance delivering life skills and contraceptive services in a setting where contraception is stigmatized, and husbands hold most of the decision-making power?
  • How can we, the A360 team, maintain fidelity to MMA’s promise to girls as we work toward government integration?

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Want more? Watch this video to see how MMA support girls in Northern Nigeria to plan for the lives – and families – that they want.


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