For Better Health Outcomes, Combine an AI Symptom Checker with a Health Provider Locator

Population Services International (PSI) partnered with Babylon to launch “AI OI” digital health platform in Vietnam.

The following reflects an updated version of a Oct. 20, 2022 press release.

In low-income communities around the world, taking time to visit a medical facility means out-of-pocket expenses as well as loss of income that create financial barriers to care. Population Services International (PSI) research shows most low-income people put off going to a health facility due to the amount of time needed off work, the resulting loss of income, and high out-of-pocket fees that often don’t match their health issues. In addition, women often experience stigma from health providers on sensitive health topics such as menstruation and sexual and reproductive health.

These consumers have a right to private, stigma-free environments to choose quality, trusted, and affordable care.

AI OI responds.

In late 2022, PSI and Babylon launched AI OI, a new digital health service focused on supporting people in low-income communities to make informed decisions about their health and efficiently navigate the healthcare system. Piloted in Vietnam, AI OI combines Babylon’s AI Symptom Checker with PSI’s Health Provider Locator tool.

The new service provides users with more control over their access to healthcare, triages users to the appropriate level of care and signposts to high-quality providers in their local area. The free 24/7 service saves people time and subsequent loss of income from taking time off work and from having to pay unnecessary out-of-pocket expenses.

As the data shows, the solution works.


From November 2022 through mid-February 2023, PSI and Babylon have:

  • Launched AI OI in Vietnam’s Bac Ninh province and the Hanoi Capital Region, serving a combined population of 9.4 million.
  • Reached over 80 million people in Vietnam with the tool through online marketing.
  • Since its launch, AI OI has recorded 330,000 link clicks from our Meta campaigns which converted in over 150,000 hits to the AI OI home page. Over 1,500 users have undertaken a Symptom Checker survey.

The platform builds on Babylon’s cutting-edge technology and PSI’s locally-rooted, globally-connected expertise driving behavior change campaigns for 50+ years. In 2023, PSI will work to expand AI OI’s reach across Viet Nam and, in 2024, will add other services, such as telemedicine, to deepen further the at-home health journey.

“PSI is very excited to be partnering with Babylon to provide a transformative free digital health service to the people of Vietnam,” says Karl Hofmann, President and CEO of Population Services International. “Our future plan is to build out the service through partnerships with telehealth providers, e-pharmacists and home delivery services, and health information portals and chatbots. The goal is to provide a holistic at-home service geared to the consumer’s schedules and needs and help meet UHC targets.”

“We are thrilled to be working with PSI, one of the most innovative non-profit organizations to expand our reach. PSI and Babylon share a similar vision for the future of healthcare, and we look forward to now sharing our technology to make quality healthcare accessible and affordable for those most at need.” said Dr Ali Parsa CEO of Babylon.

“AIOI is like a teacher [for me]. If I don’t know anything, I can ask [the application] and it will give me more information and recommendations immediately. [AI OI] allows me to check my symptoms for free while other sites would try to direct me to a [specific] hospital or buy medicine from them. AI OI provides more accurate and reliable information [compared to these other sites in my opinion]. [The symptom checker] asks very specific and detailed questions and I think it’s necessary [to do so] to help me learn more about my current health.”

“AI OI is convenient and easy to use. I think you guys have made a useful website. The website is very attractive, clear and allow me to learn about many symptoms.”

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