Who Runs the World? Girls! – Celebrating International Women’s Day

For the four billion women worldwide: it’s been a challenging year. The ripple of Roe’s reversal beyond the U.S.; climate change and violence; the consequences of a global pandemic.  

And yet, we women persist.

We may not always have a seat at the table, but our strength and resilience powers the fight for our right to our bodies and our lives. 

This International Women’s Day, we’re celebrating women everywhere – the four billion of us who run the world, who run our worlds. That’s why we reached out to PSIers across our global network to come together, celebrate, and sing.

Check out the video below. 

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A special thanks to these PSI superstars for making this possible: 

PSI Myanmar 

  • “Amy,” Aung Aye Khaing – Digital Media Manager 
  • Ei Wathan ZawHealth Security Program Manager 
  • Naw Florence ShweCall Center Operator-Health Security 
  • Khine Khine SawProgram Manager-Malaria 
  • “Ma Thi,” Naw Eh Thi PawSenior Research Officer 
  • Nandar Ye AungSenior Communications Officer 
  • Nandi UActing Head of TB Program

PSI Cambodia 

  • Mouykea Chork – Social and Behavior Change (SBC) Coordinator 
  • Srey Lakh Mech – Social and Behavior Change (SBC) Coordinator 


SFH Nigeria 

  • Simileoluwa Ashimolowo – Youth Innovation Officer, A360 

PSI Pakistan  

  • Aimman Saeed – Assistant Manager, Programs 
  • Asher Osman Khan – Senior Manager, RMEL 
  • Dr. Aamir Hasni – Deputy Manager, RMEL 
  • Farah Mehboob – Assistant Manager, RMEL 
  • Gunes Menghwar – M&E Officer 
  • Hafsa Ameer – Assistant Manager, Operations & Procurement 
  • Hamna Leghari – Deputy Manager, Subawards 
  • Hira Nazeer – Assistant Manager, Programs 
  • Khadija Khoso – HR Officer 
  • Raheel Javed – Senior Officer, IT 
  • Sadia Husna – Assistant Manager, Admin & Security 

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