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Health consumers and the workforce don't operate in siloes.
Neither should our solutions.

To catalyze health transformation, it’s time to make progress work for everyone. That’s why we, alongside consumers, workforce, governments and partners, co-create digital innovations that bridge the gaps between consumers and their access to affordable, accessible and holistic care.

From sourcing real-time consumer data to adapt health programs, to managing information flow at any given service delivery point, digital technology powers health systems to deliver integrated, quality care. And it equips consumers to take their health journey into their own hands.

Consumers and the workforce need a stronger system that serves them, agnostic of health areas. Digital can help us break the siloes to integrate the system, for good.

This Global Digital Health Forum on December 6-8, let’s explore how.

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Overview: What are the key partners that organizations need to have in order to be successful at deploying digital health interventions and scaling these up? Learn insights and best practices from PSI and partners on how to address common gaps in digital health and coordinate adoption of digital health technologies.

Type: Panel presentation

Moderator: Malcolm Quigley, Deputy Director, Strategic Partnerships, PSI


  • Debbie Rogers, CEO, Praekelt 
  • ​Claire Morris, International Programs Director, Babylon Health ​​
  • Susan Mukasa, Vice President of Global Operations, Africa, PSI  
  • Merrick Schaefer, Senior Digital Health Advisor, Center for Innovation and Impact, Bureau for Global Health, USAID  
  • Mercy Simiyu, Country Director, Kenya and Somalia, Viamo 

Date: December 6, 2021

Time: 7:45 am – 8:45 am EST

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Overview: Efficient integrated disease surveillance and response (iDSR) systems are required to enable governments to monitor infectious diseases and to establish epidemic alert mechanisms. This presentation will explore how, during 2020-21, the Ministry of Health of Laos developed and deployed a notifiable disease surveillance module in the national Health Management Information System (HMIS), hosted in DHIS2. The objectives were to improve the effectiveness of outbreak surveillance by moving from aggregate to case-based data and increase reporting frequency, completeness, timeliness and overall data quality, while incorporating the iDSR into the wider routine health information system.

Type: Individual presentation

Presenter: Dr. Souphatsone Houatthongkham, Deputy Chief of Epidemiology Division, National Center for Laboratory and Epidemiology, Ministry of Health, Laos

Date: December 7, 2021

Time: 6:00 am – 7:00 am EST

Overview: This presentation grapples with some of the common challenges and pitfalls, as well as solutions, for using chatbots to provide clear, customized health information to large audiences in the Global South.

Type: Lightning Talk

PSI Presenter: Abigail Winskell, Deputy Director, Delivering Innovation in Self-Care (DISC), PSI

Date: December 6, 2021

Time: 7:30 am – 7:45 am EST

Overview: Through a partnership with Facebook, PSI along with other non-governmental organizations such as UNICEF and CARE are engaged in digital social behavior change campaigns aimed at building trust and educating people about COVID-19 vaccines. Phase 1 of this campaign reach nearly 100 million people across 26 countries. This presentation will give deeper insights into the campaign along with noticeable trends, new learnings and shared best practices. We will also share study results from Phase 2 of the campaign running across 12 countries in the second half of 2021, as well as PSI’s shared vision for building a community of practice around the use of social media tools for consumer digital health beyond COVID-19 response.

Type: Lightning Talk

PSI Presenters: Stephen Maina, Social Media Optimization Manager, Digital Health

Date: December 7, 2021

Time: 8:15 am – 8:30 am EST



Listening to consumers
to turn data into action

The future of quality care is digital

Mobile phones generate data that allow us, public health implementers, to constantly improve and maintain clients’ experiences with care.

Her insights must inform how we adapt

Real-time consumer engagement data with digital content allows us to learn quickly, refine and streamline the user experience. 

Duong Le Ougen

digital self-care puts power in her hands

Digital self-care helps people self-manage their own health conditions, with reliable linkages to high quality information and health providers.  

Digital innovations
for the health workforce

ensuring continuity of care beyond the clinic

Remote capacity building through existing digital platforms offers a cost-effective path to supporting health providers at scale and in the long-term.

Two people look at information displayed on a mobile tablet

Managing information at service delivery sites

Strong Public Health Emergency Operations Centers can improve national capacity for timely and effective detection of and response to health crises.

partnerships make it possible

Until now, out-of-the-box DHIS2 didn’t include face-to-face coaching for health providers and supervisors. PSI and the University of Oslo are creating a tool to make it possible.

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