Strengthening Private Sector Provision of Voluntary Family Planning and Select Primary Health Care Services in Mozambique: Recommendations for Improved Market Performance


With support from USAID’s Support for International Family Planning and Health Organizations 2 (SIFPO2) project, PSI/Mozambique, in partnership with Ipsos, conducted a landscaping study of the private health sector in three key urban centers of Mozambique: Maputo, Matola, and Nampula. The research explored and analyzed supply- and demand-side factors that affect private sector service delivery for family planning and select primary health care services. The report includes the perspectives of importers, wholesalers, distributors, insurers, health plan companies, pharmacies, clinic/hospital managers, and medical officers, as well as consumers who have used private health services in the study locations. This SIFPO2 assessment recommends an initial roadmap to harness private sector potential in a selected number of strategic health areas. These recommendations can be used by local government actors, donors, and other local stakeholders to design and execute sustainable interventions that may contribute to improved health outcomes in Mozambique’s mixed health system.


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