Acting Director of Administration and Finance

PSI Sierra Leone

Bernard Mbulaje is a team-oriented leader with broad experience that spans financial management, corporate governance and compliance, as well as project management. He believes in compassionate leadership with emphasis on coaching as a way to achieve lasting and sustainable results. This belief, coupled with sheer dedication to produce measurable results, earned Bernard recognition as the co-winner of PSI’s inaugural Andrew Boner Award in 2020.

Prior to joining PSI Sierra Leone, Bernard was the Deputy Country Representative (DCR) for PSI Tanzania for 4 years (2017-2021.) While working as PSI Tanzania DCR, he also supported PSI Nigeria as interim DAF from March to August 2021 and also supported the Regional Finance Operations team with a number of assignments at the same time. Bernard initially joined the PSI family in 2011 in Malawi as a local hire Finance Manager and rose through the ranks to become the country office’s Director of Finance & Administration before taking up the DCR role at PSI Tanzania.

Previously, Bernard worked in various capacities in the private sector spanning a number of industries including banking, water utility and a foreign currency trading and travel company amongst other.

Bernard holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Accountancy and a Master’s in Business Administration. He also earned a fellowship of ACCA in 2012 and recognition as a Certified Public Accountant (Malawi) in 2010.


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