On the Map: Where PSI is Fighting COVID-19

As the world faces the uncertainty of the global pandemic created by COVID-19, PSI is on the front lines. Since the pandemic began, we’ve been shifting efforts to address the spread of the virus—both by adapting our existing programs to address the challenges presented by COVID-19 and by creating new programs to fight the virus itself.

In total, we’re fighting COVID in 87 programs in 32 countries across the world. To build a full picture of where we’re fighting this global pandemic, we’ve created a global response map to demonstrate where and how we are adapting current programming and working to create new innovations to respond to our consumers’ health needs during this challenging time. The data represented in the map comes directly from our country teams and is updated on a weekly basis to capture the dynamic nature of our programming.

Select a country on the map below to learn more about where and how we’re responding to COVID-19. You can filter by health area and solution type by clicking the double arrows in the top left-hand corner. You can choose from the following filters:

  • Water, Sanitation & Hygiene Adaptations
  • Malaria Adaptations
  • HIV Adaptations
  • Sexual & Reproductive Health Adaptations
  • Digital Health
  • Self-Care
  • Private Sector Engagement
  • Government Regulation
  • Social Behavior Change
  • Methodologies for Rapid Response

To view the full ArcGIS StoryMap, click here.

Note: This map and the StoryMap linked above were created by Lola Flomen, a Princeton in Africa fellow working with PSI, using Esri’s ArcGIS and ArcGIS StoryMaps software. You can learn more about Esri and their mapping programs here.

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