New $75M Partnership provides Momentum for Private Healthcare Providers to Advance Maternal, Newborn and Child Health and Strengthen Voluntary Family Planning

PSI, in partnership with Jhpiego, FHI360, ThinkWell and Avenir Health has received a new $75m award, called MOMENTUM 2B, to strengthen private provider contributions to vital healthcare. PSI is excited to lead this consortium, which will support private providers and expand public and private partnerships to strengthen maternal, reproductive, newborn, and child health care and voluntary family planning. 

“The MOMENTUM suite of awards aim to increase the capacity of host-government institutions and local non-governmental organizations to introduce, deliver, scale-up, and sustain the use of evidence-based, high-quality maternal, reproductive, newborn, and child health care and voluntary family planning,” the US Agency for International Development (USAID) said in its announcement. “Private health care is one of the fastest growing segments of health care systems and private providers are an increasingly important source of care in low- and middle-income countries. Strengthening the capacity of these providers to deliver comprehensive and quality care is critical for increasing the availability and demand for care, which supports countries to progress on their Journey to Self Reliance”. 

PSI, with its 50 years of experience working with private providers and with local organizations to increase access to healthcare, is joined by Jhpiego, FHI360, ThinkWell and Avenir Health, each of which has their own wealth of experience and knowledge: 

  • Over the past five decades, Jhpiego has strengthened health systems and the health workforce in over 155 countries. 
  • FHI 360 has over 40 years of global technical leadership and research expertise in MNCH/Sexual & Reproductive Health and Nutrition. 
  • ThinkWell is a ground-breaking global development organization with experience in designing, implementing, evaluating and diffusing new solutions to persistent health system challenges. 
  • Avenir Health enhances social and economic development by supporting improved policy, planning, resource allocation and evaluation. 

“PSI is delighted to work with USAID and excellent consortium partners to support private sector engagement focusing on the ability of private providers to improve quality healthcare coverage. From day one, PSI has partnered with the global and local private healthcare actors in support of better healthcare and MOMENTUM 2B will accelerate our collective ability to do that in support of building local healthcare capacities that last,” said Karl Hofmann, PSI’s President and CEO, of the new award. 

Dr. Somesh Kumar of Jhpiego said, “Jhpiego is looking forward to this exciting partnership, leveraging private providers presence and enterprise to expand equitable access to quality healthcare services.” 

The MOMENTUM 2B team will be led by Project Director Pierre Moon who added that “Private providers play a vital role helping people access better healthcare, with drug shops, pharmacists, private clinics and many others playing a crucial role in healthcare. USAID’s commitment through this award to the role of private providers in strong health markets, localization and client-centered care will be a vital asset in support of stronger maternal and child health and access to voluntary family planning worldwide.” 


Banner image credit to Sala Lewis.

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