Safe Abortion


Every year, more than 25 million avoidable unsafe abortions occur. Legal restrictions and a lack of safe options mean that women and adolescent girls unnecessarily risk their health and lives every day. At PSI, we believe that everyone has a right to safe and legal abortion services, products and information, as well as post-abortion care and contraception.

How we

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The Four Pillars of our Work in
Safe Abortion


We expand access to abortion-related services.

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We expand access to quality abortion products.

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We educate women about safe abortion and help reduce stigma surrounding it.

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We engage in policy dialogue and advocacy around safe abortion and post-abortion care.

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In 2018, PSI’s safe abortion and post-abortion care programs achieved the following impact:

Active in more than




2 million

women reached



medication abortion and manual vacuum aspiration services provided

An estimated


maternal deaths prevented

Where are PSI and Partners Adapting Safe Abortion Programs in response to COVID-19?

This map specifically highlights how six international organizations adapted their safe abortion and post-abortion care (PAC) programs to the evolving COVID-19 context. The map captures their stories of resilience, digital innovation, and persistent advocacy to maintain access to safe abortions and PAC during the pandemic. 

Visit our interactive ArcGIS COVID-19 StoryMap. 

Our Solutions

PSI helped catalyze the misoprostol market in Tanzania by launching and supporting its first widely available brand of misoprostol. After just a few years, the market went from having an inconsistent supply dominated by one player to having several players compete with high quality, affordably priced products. Now, with the urban market well served, we are pivoting to last mile distribution in rural areas.

PSI is innovating with technology to facilitate referrals and collect feedback to improve the client experience. PSI Cambodia developed a smartphone app that facilitates referrals between pharmacies and clinics for onward client care and post-abortion contraception. In other countries, PSI uses popular communication channels like WhatsApp to help shepherd eligible women through the health system for abortion and post-abortion care.  

In several regions, PSI social enterprises are improving medication abortion sustainability through regional sales operations that offer economies of scale and operate against a double-bottom line that measures health impact and cost recovery.

PSI engages with the public sector in many of the countries in which we work. For example, in Angola, we supported public sector providers in several hospitals to deliver treatment for more than 1,500 post-abortion care cases each month.

Featured Projects

self-injection contraception

New research shows self-injectable contraception can enable women to take charge of their reproductive health

Project Lead: PATH

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Andrea Fearneyhough

Director, Safe Abortion Programming PSI Global
Dr. Eva Lathrop

Dr. Eva Lathrop

Global Medical Director PSI Global

James Ayers

Deputy Director, Safe Abortion Programming PSI
Dr. Milly Kaggwa

Dr. Milly Kaggwa

Senior Clinical Advisor for Africa PSI

Dr. Dorine Irankunda

Francophone/Lusophone Clinical Advisor, Women's Health Project PSI


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