How PSI Navigates Social Tensions Around Safe Abortion

By Susan Laurie, Sr. Associate, Communications, PSI

A pregnant person’s right to abortion in the U.S. has been revoked, following the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe vs. Wade. Now more than ever, we are reminded that history does not unfold in one, linear direction guided by one clear set of values. Our understanding of and response to polarized issues like HIV, safe abortion and women-centered healthcare lead to contested conversations, carry deep-rooted stigmas and face real, retrogressive pushback. Karl Hofmann, PSI’s CEO and President, and Nina Hasen, PSI’s Vice President of HIV and Tuberculosis Programs, sat down to reflect on PSI’s historic and ongoing commitment to navigating discomfort in the pursuit of comprehensive and accessible healthcare, determined by and fitting to the needs of consumers – even when the going gets tough. 

Listen to Karl and Nina address:

  • How does (or should) healthcare work within legal loopholes to provide safe abortion services? 
  • How does discomfort catalyze the creativity needed to serve the hardest-to-reach communities? 
  • What can we learn from the countries that deliver safe abortion services in highly restricted settings? 
  • How can INGOs prepare to gear up in pursuit of protecting human rights? 

Watch their discussion below.

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