Expanding Condom Markets – The Consumer-Powered Way

By Marcie Cook, VP Social Business and Global Operations, PSI

In a wrap: to market, distribute and build demand for condoms, we go where our consumers need us to go.

Across PSI’s 50+ countries, consumer insights shape how we build markets, drive social behavior change and generate demand to put quality and affordable condoms into people’s… well, hands. From South Africa to Pakistan, Myanmar to Latin America, we apply language that elevates how good men are #goodenoughtotrust;” we lead with sexual pleasure (without objectifying women!); and we get condoms on the shelves in spaces that are convenient and accessible for our target audiences.

This is what we call a Consumer-Powered Approach to expanding condom markets.

What have we learned that you, too, can apply? We invite you to explore below.

The Challenge

Condom use in South Africa has been stagnant or declining, particularly among young men.  A situation made worse during COVID and tough economic times and as men become fatigued with messaging promoting consistent condom use.

The Solution

Could a revitalized marketing campaign for TRUST that takes an emotive marketing approach reignite public interest in condom use and drive market growth?

In 2022 the TRUST Good Man campaign #goodenoughtotrust launched with messaging and engagement strategies that connected men to the brand in a way that celebrates the positive ways men think about and express trust and intimacy in healthy sexual interactions.

The Results

The campaign went live digitally on Facebook and Instagram, supported with in store point of sale material and out of home advertising. As a result, TRUST sales grew 44% over the previous year and in response the total condom category in South Africa grew 14%. The campaign differentiates “good men” from all men – suggesting that “good men won’t compromise”, “good men do good” and “good men are #goodenoughtotrust”. Brand managers found Trust supports positive behavior change in communities, and they are going to the source to verify. Trust accompanies social media campaigns with unique events and direct interventions. In 2023, the brand will kick-off the campaign by taking advantage of the fictious annual men’s conference – “hosted” every year on 14 February as a funny, communal way for men to allude any Valentine’s Day obligations – when Trust is hosting a real, live-streamed conference uplifting men’s issues and resources. Follow their revised strategy in action on their social media pages: Facebook and Instagram.

UPDATE: The Trust Good Men Conference streamed live on the February 28, 2023 from Johannesburg, South Africa. Men of varying ages, backgrounds and life experiences met in person and online to discuss and challenge societal norms surrounding men’s identities and placement in society. This interesting conversation provides insight into men’s issues, desires, fears, and dreams and how men can uplift one another in aspiration to be good men – men good enough to look up to. Watch the discussion here.

Good man campaign
Pakistan – Promoting male engagement in family planning
The Challenge

The use of family planning methods is skewed towards male controlled methods and men are increasingly becoming gatekeepers of awareness and access to family planning (FP) methods. Yet 77% of men in Pakistan have not been exposed to messages on FP or on the use of contraceptives (PDHS, 2018).

The Solution

Evolve PSI’s global consumer lifestyle brand (and social business) Viya to meet the needs of men with content and community. With funding support from USAID, PSI launched Viya for men in Pakistan in September of 2022. Using digital health and omnichannel approaches Viya built an ecosystem where individuals are supported throughout their sexual reproductive health and wellness journey, facilitating access to quality content, products and services in a safe and stigma-free environment.

The Results

Viya for men launched in September 2022 on World Contraceptive Day, targeting multiple male archetypes and disseminated through social media posts, short videos and a chat bot. The brands positioning was designed with young men reinforcing Viya as a friend in times of need. For example, an Urdu tag line used in the initial launch posts was “Viya Sey Baat Kar” – an informal and friendly translation of the phrase “Talk to Viya”. Animated videos are culturally sensitive by focusing on couples working together, but also marginally disruptive by providing animated demonstrations on how to use condoms and other forms of contraception.

Since its launch, Viya has reached 10K users, of which 88% are men. Viya’s average user profile is married men of approximately 29 years of age with two children, who is accessing the chatbot because of concerns around the economy and his wife’s health. Viya’s messaging has reached 5 million people on social media, 350 thousand messages have been exchanged on the bot and the Viya Pakistan Facebook Page has received more than 25K likes.

Latin America – Using football for cultural resonance
The Challenge

Vive condom brand has been a market leader – both in sales and creativity – in the PSI Latin American market since 1996, and is a core component of the region’s sustainable social business. The challenge to the business and its marketers is ensuring the brand stays relevant and appealing to the young population.

The Solution

Vive stays true to its youthful consumers, using creative messaging that speaks to them, creating emotional connections and emphasizing the fun and enjoyment of safe sex.

Football, or soccer for all our American readers, is huge in Latin America…and made even more relevant during this World Cup (with it being Messi’s last World Cup and Argentina expected to do well).

In light of this, Vive used a traditional sports narrator to narrate…well…a less than traditional sport, connecting with a very typical football moment and the conversation surrounding it. Small versions of the spot were created with funny phrases tied to a search optimization strategy. When people were looking for the best moments of their favorite game across YouTube and Facebook, this ad would pop up.

The Results

Vive grew 9% in volume from 2021 to 2022 and is 62% of the total condom market in Latin America.

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