Anna Kournikova

PSI Global Ambassador


Internationally-recognized tennis star Anna Kournikova is expanding her role on the world stage as a voice of children’s health, sportsmanship and spirit.

Anna’s passion for youth is reflected in her work with PSI. Anna visited Haiti in early 2009 with PSI, where she promoted safe drinking water and malaria prevention. In October 2010, Anna joined the Center for Social Development and Information (CSDI), PSI’s Russian affiliate, to help raise awareness about the health challenges facing youth. Check out this video for more from Anna’s trip to Russia with PSI.

Find out more about Anna’s involvement with PSI below:

  • Anna, with PSI, supported United Against Malaria’s efforts for World Malaria Day 2010.More.
  • Anna attended YouthAIDS events with PSI ambassadors and humanitarian leaders. More.

Check out her page on Facebook.


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