Creating a Movement to End Violence Against Women in Papua New Guinea Pilot Project (SASA! Together)

Developed by Raising Voices in 2008, SASA! Together is one of the world’s leading evidence-based prevention methods. “SASA!” is the acronym for the four phases of SASA! —Start, Awareness, Support and Action. SASA! also means “now” in Kiswahili, emphasizing the urgent need to prevent violence against women now. The SASA! Together pilot commenced in April 2018, and in March 2019, Papua New Guinea was one of the first countries to transition to SASA! Together, a revised edition of the original toolkit that applies the last 10 years of global learning, ensuring the pilot reflects current best practice. In Papua New Guinea, the aim of the Pilot is to measure the efficacy of adaptation and implementation of SASA! Together in the Papua New Guinean context and to shift community norms around violence with the view to scale-up.