Evidence & Research

We use evidence to design and implement every aspect of our work, calculate our progress, model impact to inform business decisions, and fill global evidence gaps about the effectiveness of our approaches.

We invite you to browse and use our evidence and research.

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Resource Library

We produce a variety of resources – including case studies, fact sheets, videos and infographics – that we share with the global health community.
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We use original data to monitor and evaluate our programs, generate consumer insight, estimate the health impact of our solutions, and evaluate the health of the markets we work to strengthen.
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Evidence Behind PSI's Approaches

We gather evidence to support the approaches we use. Our evaluation helps fill global evidence gaps around the effectiveness of health solutions used by the development community.
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Tracking Our Impact

We have an uncompromising focus on measurable health impact and we measure our effect on disease and death much like a for-profit measures its profits.
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Research Ethics, data use & authorship

We strive to protect the rights and welfare of those whom we serve, as well as the rights of our staff as experts contributing to greater understanding and effectiveness in the global health community.