Director, Safe Abortion Programming

PSI Global

Andrea Fearneyhough has more than 20 years of experience in international sexual and reproductive health programming and is the Director of the multi-country Women’s Health Project at PSI. Fearneyhough also serves on the Abortion and Post-Abortion Care Consortium Steering Committee.


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Everyone Has a Right to Basic Sanitation Services

In the last five years, we have supported the private sector to sell more than 550,000 inexpensive, high-quality toilet products that can be safely used without sewer infrastructure. In the process, however, we learned that improving access at a large scale requires not just a smart product, but also simple installation.   

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Client-Centered Approaches Transform Access to HIV Services. Here’s How.

Through the MDG-H-PSI Response for HIV and STIs in Madagascar project, PSI works closely with local partners and the Malagasy government to introduce community-based and client-centered approaches that simplify and adapt HIV services across the continuum of prevention, care and treatment.

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A COVID solution for 1.4 billion people

As Delta emerged, we needed to motivate people in India to adopt COVID-19 preventive behaviors and vaccine uptake.  And yet, in a country as vast and as diverse as India, we asked ourselves: how could we reach and inspire consumers to take up a common behavior amidst different experiences? 

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Measuring a ‘Moving Target’

Human-centred design (HCD) is increasingly being used as a complementary approach to traditional global health programming methods.

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Social businesses at PSI reinvest profits into growing businesses to deliver content that connects consumers to quality, affordable products.

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COVID-19 catalyzed digital transformation for reproductive health

Consumer engagement on digital channels increased during COVID, providing PSI’s Social Business Unit an opportunity to leverage digital channels to support business continuity and provision of reproductive health information, products, and services.

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