Success Stories

Just last year we saved the lives of 15,441 mothers, prevented 5,644,400 unintended pregnancies, stopped 254,792 new HIV infections, and avoided 273,740 deaths due to diseases like malaria, diarrhea and pneumonia that most threaten young children.See how these numbers translate into healthier, happier families.

Helene Kanaku Helene Kanaku Helene Kanaku If you want to find Helene, go to the community center in her neighborhood. That’s where... Learn More Geneviève Ndagijimana Geneviève Ndagijimana Geneviève Ndagijimana "I used to stay up all night chasing away mosquitoes," says Geneviève Ndagijimana, a 34-... Learn More Edgar Anibal Miranda Edgar Anibal Miranda Edgar Anibal Miranda One Saturday a couple of years ago, 16-year-old Edgar Anibal Miranda sat in his bedroom in... Learn More Lovemore & Fungai Lovemore & Fungai Lovemore & Fungai Lovemore and Fungai are not like most couples. When these single parents got engaged, gett... Learn More Samina Samina Samina It was late in the evening when Samina started feeling labor pains from her first pregnanc... Learn More Tears Wenzira Tears Wenzira Tears Wenzira In Zimbabwe, a trip to a beauty parlor can save a woman’s life. Women in Zimbabwe –... Learn More P’Boy P’Boy P'Boy Thirty-eight percent of injecting drug users (IDUs) in Thailand are HIV-positive. This i... Learn More Aggie Phiri Nkhunika Aggie Phiri Nkhunika Aggie Phiri Nkhunika You won’t find many hospitals in rural Zambia, but you will find women like Agnes Phiri ... Learn More Barbra Pakamisa Barbra Pakamisa Barbra Pakamisa Barbra Pakamisa is a 23–year–old mother of three children from Mbare, Zimbabwe. Since ... Learn More Huong Huong Huong Huong is a peer educator from PSI/Vietnam's program. She has worked diligently to motivate... Learn More Ingrid Ingrid Ingrid Ingrid Idalia Montes Alvarado is a 44-year-old mother of seven from Guatemala City. She an... Learn More Kono Cecile Kono Cecile Kono Cecile Meet Kono Cecile, a 38-year-old migrant farmer and mother of four. Since she finds it hard... Learn More Mariam Sangare Mariam Sangare Mariam Sangare Mariam Sangare, a 34-year-old from Mali, has already had 13 pregnancies, but only nine of ... Learn More Pamela Odiero Makokha Pamela Odiero Makokha Pamela Odiero Makokha In the bustling city of Mombasa, Kenya, is an unassuming orange and purple gate. You'll us... Learn More Patricia Patricia Patricia It’s one minute to airtime for Love & Life, a weekly radio show in Benin, a country ... Learn More Rose Rose Rose 70% of the world's out-of-school youth are girls. In Tanzania, the story is no different -... Learn More

PSI: Delivering Health in the Developing World

Like mothers and fathers the world over, Sara dreams of a happy life for her daughter. But in many parts of the developing world, even meeting her basic health needs can be difficult. At PSI, we help Sara fulfill her dreams by providing solutions to some of her family's serious health challenges.